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How to read New Grub Street

I strongly recommend that you print out the posts that you find interesting. I advise this because I want you to read what I have written. Printing articles on real paper is the preferred way to read this website. People do not read content on the web deeply.1

Alternatively, you can save and/or send posts to an e-reader, such as a Kobo or a Kindle. These devices are distraction-limited, present text in a typographically superior (and customizable) way, and don’t require constant backlighting.

You can also save posts to Instapaper or Pocket. These services offer elegant typography and track your reading across devices. However, they typically require self-luminous displays (e.g., a phone or monitor), which are inferior for reading. (Kobo e-readers offer built-in Pocket support and Instapaper can automatically forward articles to a Kindle. Pocket is extensible to Kindle using third-party services.)

Lastly, you can read articles on this domain in your browser. I don’t recommend this method as it encourages sloppy reading habits, such as scanning the text, clicking on hyperlinks, and revisiting open tabs.

Why does this exist?

I want to write more.

General notes

New Grub Street is built on Hugo and uses a modified PaperMod theme.

Updated February 22, 2021

  1. The research on this point is significant and not new. See e.g. ↩︎